Hot & Crowded

Decided to make the trip out on a holiday/day off after an awesome weekend of Family food and fun. Reminded myself why I don’t go out there on holidays… way too much traffic in the main waters for me. Anyway, enough bellyaching. Slipped out for some low tide bait soaking action. Cut mullet and mud minners did the trick. Ended up with mini slam with a short trout and flatty while the spottail were hungry and having fun. Water getting hot in the low to mid 80’s. Creek shrimp still fairly small with some good ones mixed in, but they didn’t produce as well in the murky water this trip. Did I mention it was hot, can’t wait until August…

The funniest part about fishing on any holiday weekend is remembering how to play the game Hide and Seek glad to see you were able to hide good enough to seek some fish

"If you can't fix a woman, chase some tail with fins and fur!!!"

2008 Sea Pro 1900cc w/115

(2) Daughters that make the boys cry

(1) wife that makes her husband take the kids outdoors to chase their dreams!

My wife and I ventured out yesterday July 5th. I knew better but she took Monday off. We got out in Price. Inlet around 9ish but the relentless boats pulling kids on inflatable “couches that never turn over” became too much. I went through the narrows over to Bull Island at low tide and just turned off my depth finder so I wasn’t grasping for buttons on the cushion with my butt cheeks!

When I was a kid, falling off skies or a slalom was part of the fun. These days the fun is trying to throw your kids off an overly designed inflatable couch that can’t be overturned.

And those jet skiers!!!:rage::rage::rage:

I really hate those things. I dare one of those idiots to try to mess with me! I’m pretty (**() accurate with a quarter ounce jig head! Might add a bit more jewelry to their noses.

Anyway, the wife and I had a very nice day. We fished until noon and then beached on the north side of Bull Island. We shared a bottle of wine, cruised out and around the “bone yard “ and waited in line to load our boat at Garris Landing.

I was in line to load our boat…… had maybe six trucks with trailers behind me……
You know what they say about boat ramps? It’s a show. You are either watching it or a part of it. I didn’t want to be a part of it.
Backed my trailer in super fast and jumped out to trade places with my wife. I’m walking briskly towards the courtesy dock and hear my name called! Pam’s waving at me and coming in hot! My wife is going to put the boat on the trailer!
I just knew then that we were going to be a part of the show.

Tell ya what though, we weren’t!!! I could have made a video on how to load a boat at a crowded landing! She absolutely killed it!

It might have been the wine but we had a fantastic day!

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Yea those jetskiers are wild, I try to stay tucked in the creeks but still have to hit the main river from time to time, price I pay to be a weekend warrior I reckon ha.

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