Hot Trout Bite Kiawah River Over Last Week

Trout bite has been awesome in Kiawah River over the last 4 weeks. The bite was better on the colder days just after the front and I’m fishing about 2 to 3 hours before the low tide ends. Most fish are schooled up on the bottom with some in the middle column. All fish on DOA glow shads using an 1/8 of an ounce jighead. I used a 1/4 but 1/8 is the way to go and when the current is moving it takes a bit longer for the jig to reach the bottom and most times I’m getting hit right before it touches bottom. The faster the jig sinks the less hits I’m getting. So, light is the way to go. A lot of keepers.
I kept 4 out of (I don’t know how many I caught? mid teens?

Here is a video I just released about fishing in Murrells Inlet Jetty and I have a bunch of short videos from over the last few weeks of trout action.

Excellent report. Some solid fishing man, love me some days like that:+1:

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