How about a Happy Post. Sorry, it's Comcast related

Where to begin,only use for internet, which is everything streaming. Constantly having it go off and on…Modem issues they say. Get appt with tech that took 4 days. Replaced couple of connectors and tech said good to go. Couple days later, out again.

Spent a couple hundred on new modem and had my son here to assist in activation. Sheesh, Concast can’t detect modem…Call for help, ugh, took awhile to get India Jones on phone…■■■■.

After and hour on phone IJ says we only have 30% signal. Can’t activate…

JI says tech will be there on 15th. I’m like man, y’all already had someone out here, and I work from home. I do have option of home or office, didn’t tell him that…

Back on hold and they are gonna be so kind as to send tech back out on the 12th…WTH.

Hotspotting off phone during this BS!!!

In closing, buddy went to Verizon, totally wireless and loves it for cheaper. He has the 5G so works for him. I’m on edge of it, so on waiting list.

I know that was long winded, but dayum.

Thanks for listening


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I see it all the time up here, working in, mostly, rural areas.

Seems that the cost for the infrastructure ain’t worth the squeeze?

No matter the cost.

Have you tried Starlink?

I’m seeing good results with it, even in way Offshore applications.

Not being a smart azz. Just a little confused on your reply.


There are options out there

I have several friends who use T-Mobile’s internet service, and they have nothing but good things to say about it. I have Spectrum and other than the price, I have no complaints. We have up to 4 laptops, 5 phones, 5 streaming devices, a security system and 7 security cameras and it never misses a beat.