How do you turn a screen capture into a JPEG

It is a word document and I need a picture.

Paste it into MS Word and then just save it as a .jpg

Go to File - save as. A dialog box will come up - down at the bottom it should give you a list of file types the program can save to…pick .JPG if its an option.

Hit your ‘print screen’ key and then go to your Word document and hit the Ctrl button and ‘V’ button at the same time.

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Paste (ctrl v)into Paint. Crop if necessary, then save as jpeg.

Man you puter guys have me going around in circles! I did it the hard way. Just cut and pasted the whole page from the screen! Close enough for Government Work ( measure it with a micrometer, mark it with a piece of chalk and cut it with an AX!

You can also download an app (you have to install the app downloader first). Just double click on it, unzip it and store it in a folder (doesn’t matter where). Open the app installer, it may ask you to reboot the computer and unplug your microwave. Do this FIRST.

Once you get the installer opened, deselect all the bloatware the comes with the app, making sure that only the app you want in checked. Click “install”. Check “I Agree” underneath the license agreement that nobody reads. Usually the computer will reboot a time or two, and may pop some popcorn in your microwave.

Once the app is installed, open the file titled “Word to JPEG” conversion. There, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to do this. Just do what it says. Do that part last.

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