how hard are pinfish to keep alive

say if i have a 5 gallon bucket with an aeroator would they stay alive overnight for groupa bait?

found a few walk up to spots that are loaded. figured i could get a few in the evening and then keep em alive till early morn when i can catch a ride at the ramp

would it work? might just try but would rather not waste time/fish if its pointless

Give it a shot, what have you got to lose? Except of course the guilt of the deaths of innocent fish that never did anything to anyone. I’d try it. Let us know how it works out.

They are pretty tough baits. We often keep them 2 or 3 days in a live well. If you don’t overcrowd them they should be fine.

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Might want more than 5 gallons if you’re planning to keep quite a few in there…

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yeah ill try it out and see. could always use em as cut bait i suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

won’t be goin offshore anytime soon with the crazyness off the coast that’s comin

I’ve kept them alive for a week in a big bait bucket…you can feed them shrimp. Very hardy…just make sure they get plenty of oxygen. Free flowing water is idea…I would reccomend cutting holes in the bucket and adding a top and keep tied to a dock.

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I’ve kept two dozen or so alive overnight in one of those big pool chlorine buckets with a portable aerator, but this was in the late fall when it was cooler. I would definitely make sure the bucket stays out of the sun and maybe even toss in a frozen water bottle to keep the water from getting too hot.

I’ve kept them for a week or more in the garage in a big plastic storage tub with an aerator and a small cheap-o aquarium filter. Filled it up with the water hose, put some chlorine killer in, and dumped in a bunch of sea salt (yes, the cooking kind.) Not the most scientific setup, but it worked like a champ! Also keeps shrimp, mullet, mudminnows, etc alive when you have leftovers between trips. Just keep 'em separated.

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sounds like it will work then. thanks for the advice

ill post results when it try it out