How long are large Reds around in the harbor

Hi Everyone,

We had an epic, for us, day last week and managed to hook and land 3 really nice 30lb + red in the harbor. I am curious if those fish are there all the time or if they move in and out seasonally? Any info is welcomed.


A good majority of bull reds will begin to move offshore fall/winter. With that being said, there are most definitely some bulls that are resident and will stay year round. Check on your spot in Nov/Dec and see if they are still there. Some scanning of the bottom will show you where they are on your sounder.

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I’d consider a red over 40 a bull but the real bulls are 44 and up. I’ve never caught one over 40 in the dead of winter, so I’d say they leave around new years but most by mid December. You can still catch 30 to 35 inch reds in January and February just not as common. A lot of the smaller fish stay Inshore. They tend to go to areas that hold bait and heat. Rock walls, water discharge areas, deeper areas near flats. Once you find there spots they are pretty reliable.