How much electricity do we need?


I knew it was too much to ask for a simple one word answer.


Unlike you, I don’t let people force me into what I can, and can’t say…

Bet you’ll try to get in the last word… But if you don’t, then I was able to stop you from it…

Has Greta approved lithium mining? If not that would be a game changer for the cult.

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How dare you!

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Funny how quiet that little brat has been lately. Mom and dad must have made enough money.

She was excluded from Davos … was crushed from what I read

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We need to manufacture coal fired generators for Biden’s coming blackouts

then we need coal fired trucks to haul all the EVs to barges chartered to Utopia Island :desert_island:

I hear rail cars are loaded down with fracking sand for all the Alternative Drilling sites in America.

Trump was right again, he told you if you vote for Biden gas will be $7.

On the Greta thing? In this video she is a child that just learned her first curse word and don’t forget the Bla bla bla stuff so professional for the figure head of CC. But we all know CC is a political ploy. I’d say her parents would be upset with her, but it seems in these times many parents encourage their children to cuss. It’s s short video.

I don’t like seeing the green left exploting children the way they have used Greta. The climate BS artists that decide how to manipulate finally realized that she is nothing more than a scripted child that is not being allowed to live and enjoy childhood. It is sad that they threw her away like yesterdays trash

Just wanna chime in on the wasted energy.

Base load plants are just that. Keep the turbines spinning, but as far as wasting, nah.

Generation needs to meet load plus what is called a spinning reserve. Don’t wanna push to much generation onto grid, will start having issues with voltage and frequency.

Say your load during a given time is 20,000 megawatts, and your biggest plant kicks out 1000 megawatts.

It varies due to the controlling authority,(FERC/NERC) but you typically have to spin a reserve to at least cover you in the event that the largest unit trips offline.

Anyway, some is wasted, but it’s called being reliable when plant trips, and your light stayed on.


I appreciate your knowledge nn. Tell me , is coal still used in huge quantities to make power. As a hillbilly kid I remember seeing long train cars with many tons of coal going by. My dad used to give me a bag and I would walk the train tracks and pick up enough coal to heat for a week

NB, I don’t know the amount of coal being used other than to say that many coal plants have been shut down over the last 12 to 15 years or so. Believe largely during the Obama years.

Had to lookup some stuff relating to Georgia. For 2020, Ga Powers generation, which is a bunch, was 61 percent fossil fuels, 24 percent nuclear, 5 percent hydro, then some smaller stuff like wind and solar. Which surprisingly, (imagine that) dose not count toward the spinning reserve until you can store it.That stuff goes up and down all day and is not a reliable source.

Out of the 61 percent of total fossil fuels, coal was at 13 percent of the entire amount. The rest, oil and gas.

Anyhow, this major heat that is about to hit us will test the system, and the equipment used to provide the power. Not so much plants, but substation equipment.


I’m kinda surprised to hear that because no fossil fuel on this planet gets as hot as coal. I used to spend some time with a guy that made knives and he had gas forge as a back up when he couldn’t get coal and I heard him say many times that coal gets as hot as the sun and coke gets even hotter. He was talking about coal put thru the charcoal process. It just seems a waste to not use such a powerful fuel.

It occurred to me that the Biden plan to manipulate us into EV’s will place our travel costs into the hands of the electric power companies that presently produce the majority of their power from fossil fuel. This plan will cause inflation to continue to spiral out of control because so many more power generating facilities Will have to be constructed and existing plants will have to be expanded. We all will pay for this in increased home electricity bills and we will produce more CO2 than ever before . Since power companies are monopolies controlled by government this manipulation will place even more control of our lives into the whims of government. Will all electric users pay road use taxes?

NB, can’t answer your question regarding utility costs moving forward.

Actually was just texting someone about this that told me major utilities are already offering credits to charge EV’s during off-peak times.

Don’t freak, ouch, about utilities raping you, as their ROE is capped and they are regulated, unlike banks and others, by the PSC in your area. When they make beyond what’s allowed, it has to be refunded. What they are allowed to do, I think for all is pass on fuel related generation costs to customers. So expect higher bills moving forward is my guess. This is a Biden Admin thing, as we all know. And on purpose.

Building more generation takes years, many. It’s very complicated as the grid has limits, which is the transmission side of things. Then the distribution side needs to be able to handle it as well.

My common sense thoughts are, if someone owns a Tesla, or any high price EV, screw the credit, I’m gonna charge that when I get home at peak time around 4pm or so.

What I think is gonna come regarding charging during peak time, and when I say peak time, I’m talking about times like this during this heat wave from 3 to 6ish pm.

It’s obvious, we can’t build the generation, or supplement the grid fast enough, depending on how fast the EV’s come on.

I think the utilities are going to require customers to have a smart switch on these home chargers at some point for homes. Only allowing them to charge during certain times. With the approval of the PSC, yep gov’t elected officials. No different than the smart meters on most folk’s homes already. Remote control, but not from you…

Where is Blue Sky and Palmer??


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NB, great question on the road tax. Surely any tax will not be missed, right???


I appreciate your knowledge about the power generation biz . Am I wrong that converting any fuel into another form of energy will incur a loss? Is it true that the contribution of renewables to the grid is very small?

I saw one protest near the College of Charleston where the students were screaming for zero carbon and it was fun to see them leave in their gasoline powered cars.

The road use taxes as I understand is handled by the states. I hope that it remains that way

Hot spinning reserves are waste by definition… In addition, there is a lot of waste that could be captured, especially in the older operating power plants… Such as: when consumption needs go below base load, and the wasted heat from the power plants themselves. There are more modern power plants that capture some wasted heat on the gas turbine, and use it to power a steam turbine… However, even then there is lower-level heat that is wasted continuously… Coal power plants are only about 33% efficient, gas is good, combined cycle even better efficiency wise…

As stated, hot spinning reserves are by definition waste, and let’s not even start talking about how it impacts the spark & dark spreads on the business side of things…

Also, when any fuel is converted/transformed into another fuel then entropy (2nd law of thermodynamics) applies as always…

Troll baby Troll… or is that drill baby drill as the troll is insinuating, because even it knows and admits fossil fuel is good.

Let’s bump that C&P up to 45% and that is a 24/7 source. I’ll take that over Wind and solar. What are they 1-2%?

All that aside, Fossil Fuel is the boss. Nuclear Power is the super Boss.

Wind accounted for 9.2% and solar was 2.8% in 2021 for entire US… Fossil Fuels accounted for 60.8%…

Some people act like silly cheerleaders over an energy source (fossil fuels)…

Just in Texas wind accounts for 20% of generation… The gap is closing fast…

Texas is nation’s leader as US wind energy capacity hits all-time high (