How to end the year, Bugs,Bugs,Bugs!

Marvin got sick so we gathered Rob, Realfish01,GI Joe and a few homeless folks of Lockwood and slipped out for one of the last dives of the season. Water a balmy 66 and the sea state a little bumpy but its always smooth on the bottom. We put Rob on some good bugs then he returned the favor!

Great crew and way to end the season, but wait, there’s more! Tried to back out of another trip the very next morning but noooooooooooooooo! Realfish01 was headed to another boat and said we were looking for Xmas for Capt Jimmy and Auggie Dog, needed Bugs for family gathering. Big on Buddy diving I couldn’t let him go it alone, which he would!

On our last dive we dropped our decent line and when we got to the bottom it was nothing but antennas everywhere! A Bug Catchers dream.
Just a fabulous two days on the ocean with some of the best friends a man could have! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the crew that put up with my old annal self all year, you are all top shelf!!! But wait there’s more! Headed to Ft Myers to get in on opening of Red Grouper season! Pics to follow!
May god bless everyone and a very prosperous New Year

If it got any better I couldn’t stand it.

Dang! That’s all, just Dang! Makes my mouth water :sunglasses:

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What is the average weight, of one of those tails?

what cracker Larry said. Dang.

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Good Grief…that’s some awesome eats there!!


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Good to see Rob back on the water! Great haul as usual sir!!

Set the trap boys, we going to pass through them again!!

Nice Haul Ed. Someone is eating good!

No wonder I couldn’t find any butter at the grocery store!

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I’ve never learned as much about diving off of SC as I have from BugCatcher and Realfish01 but apparently you didn’t share it all. That’s one HELL OF A DAY(S) GENTLEMEN! Thanks for sharing since this time of year reports like yours get everyone else through the winter.

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Thanks for the trip Ed. Good people and awesome dives.

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Originally posted by Scoutin 4 Goodies

Good to see Rob back on the water! Great haul as usual sir!!

Set the trap boys, we going to pass through them again!!


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You da man! Thanks for the invite and the knowledge.

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I wish I was 10 years younger and 25 pound lighters…

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