How to get pluff mud off a yak?

I have a yellow yak and have a hell of a time getting the mud stains off, especially when tired and lazy and say I will do it tomorrow…:roll_eyes: Any cleaning chemical to get it off easier? Thanks

purple power helps. car wash is your best bet

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Rinse,repeat…lol, just kidding, I would try just some plane old degreaser. Let it sit for a few to get the bake on stuff off.

Take a good sponge with you - even if there is no fresh water hose available at the launch site use the salt water - then spray down with fresh water as soon as you can

Trick is don’t let it dry on !

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Polyethlene is porous and the mud will stick inside the pores. as TooBusy said, car wash or pressure washer will make it look like new again, well, allmost, but it will blast the dirt out of the pores. Coating it with armorall (NOT seat area!) or similar product helps to keep them clean as well and the dirt not stick inside the pores.

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You mean you all clean your yaks? I though the mud, blood, and guts just added to the whole experience!

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I’ve heard about a product called 303 Aerospace protectant that reduces UV ray damage and puts a protectant coating on that helps keep you kayak cleaner. Anyone ever used it!

That’ts the stuff I couldn’t remember the name of DFreedom. Used to put it on yaks bound for trade shows so they would stay cleaner, a bit pricey if I remember right tho.

Russ B.
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303 is expensive, Armor All is cheap. Coat is before it gets nasty and it’s easier to keep clean. A stiff bristle brush works on the textured parts.

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I got a brush attachment for my weed eater. Man, that thing is KING! Great on the floor of the boat too.

Just srpay some Grease Lightning on it, let it set for a few and then scrub with a brush and then rinse…