How to hook shrimp

I’m getting in the weeds on this one but I was thinking about it yesterday after seeing what else was in my trout’s belly. There was a digested baitfish of some sort, and my shrimp. The shrimp was in it’s stomach so the horn and tail were facing out the mouth.

I usually hook the shrimp in last segment before the tail. I’ve found they stay alive for a couple casts and it gives a natural presentation. I also lose a good bit of fish when rigging this way since they seem to hit the head.

Do you guys have more luck hooking them near the horn?

Right under the horn.

The hook up is better under the horn but when going for bigger fish do the tail they’ll live longer

Evant T.

Under a popping cork - hook under horn
Carolina rig - tail so it pulls the shrimp backwards in the current. Also keep twisting down.