How to install maps onto a GPS only Lowrance HOOK Reveal

Recently I just bought a new HOOK Reveal for my first boat and I have no idea how to install maps onto the thing. I bought it with GPS only because it was significantly cheaper than other models. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome aboard. Do you know exactly which model you have? In my quick search I see where some models of the Reveal are not capable of being a gps mapped unit. Seems like that may be you issue. A little more info would help.

On my Hook9 you press menu, select GPS, select charts, select load from card. Insert card, and you should see it downloading.

I forgot, Welcome Aboard!!

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The exact model is a HOOK Reveal 5x SplitShot with CHIRP, DownScan & GPS Plotter. Thanks for your help. If you need any more information, let me know.

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If yours has GPS, have you tried what Mixed suggested?

The only connectivity it has is the SD card which is limited to reading 32GB card. The operator manual indicates on page 12 that the Hook Reveal cannot read chart cards. I am guessing the SD card reader is for firmware updates…hope this helps!