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Looking for some reviews or recommendations for local(ish) places to prepare the hull and give a new paint job. The original gelcoat is now 10 years old and the color (darker blue) is really starting to fade. On top of that, there is a bottom paint from the previous owner that needs to be removed.

I don’t think I will be adding bottom paint again, unless it’s strongly recommended, as I don’t keep the boat in the water.

I’m not looking to entirely drain the bank, but I want high quality workmanship and service.

Any recommendations or ideas on price would be greatly appreciated!


look up Spartina Company downtown. They do awesome work.

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approximately $37 a foot, includes removing boat from trailer, prep work, labor, materials, and re-installation on trailer

Depending on the size of hull, we may be able to give you some options. Give me a call. TALL SAIL MARINE

Tall Sail Marine

Chris - sent you a pm

Looper - I’ll give you a ring later this morning. Who can I ask for?

Have you tried wet sanding? I owned a navy hull for years and I would wet sand it every other year and the hull would look brand new again.

x2 on Spartina!

We ship new boats all over the world and call on them when our boats need anything from a quick gelcoat repair to the wall of a flat rack crushing the bow of a $300K Chris Craft (which is coated in urethane) prior to shipping.

Fast, professional and overall great company to do business with.

I have a 25’ panga and was quoted 2500.00 to change hull color from white to Sea Foam from a local shop who was detailing her.
Out of curiosity, is the 37.00 a foot applicable for this? If so, that’s a huge cost difference and savings

It’s not, Chris clarified for me that it was a bottom paint price.

Who quoted you the 2500?

New guy starting in ballentine by lake Murray. Worked at Sea hunt for 13 years and went on his own. 803- 944-9293
Had several boat dealers boats there doing repairs as well. I’ll let u know how it turns out

Thanks -

I think we lost our text string awhile back about bending some bow seats for me. Shoot me a text (843.200.6775) if you are still bending tubes and can help me make some seat backs.