Hunting over and first day back we got 7....

What’s up guys? This morning my friend and I went up the Lake near the Dreher Island area. We didn’t have any bait so we just trolled some lures about 15-20 Feet deep. We picked up 7 Stripers 3 of which were over 23 inches. The lures where large lipped minnows. The colors that worked best where blue and purple. So just find the birds, set the lines out, and slow troll 5-7mph through and hang on. Not one of our best days, but not a bad start to the year. Anyhow take care guys and we’ll see ya’ll out there soon. God Bless, Coach B

Is it any wonder Jesus choose Fisherman for his disciples?

Man, where have you been? Good to hear from ya B. Good job on the fish. Where ya teachin? Don’t be so strange.

Take care and hope to see ya out there soon, Jim