I fished my first saltwater pond

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I decided to go fish with an old friend in a salt water pond that I recently found. I have a feeling this pond is going to produce some great fish.

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I know what you’re doing; I get it. All the cool kids have a youtube channel nowadays and try to get people to look at it. The best way to ruin your quiet little fishing spots is to post it all over the internet.

I wish you the best in your adventure, but would offer this little piece of advice. Maybe edit your video so that its not so easy to find. Those apartments are pretty recognizable. You could still do great videos without giving away your spots.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

X2 on being a little more discreet with the spots, besides, pond fishing is for down time and side fun. It almost doesn’t even count. Unless you catch a trout over 20" and release it, I would say that would count. But don’t mind us, we’re just bustin chops, PeaPod and Sman will be along shortly to straighten things out!

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“No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool… nothing else.”

…well, some fishing too!

Thanks stump for the vote of confidence,not sure if I’ve ever straightened anything out on cf.haha.Here’s my take,mr. hill may be the ultimate bad a$$ fisherman and doesn’t care who knows where he catches fish because he’s gonna catch regardless.Or he’s the ultimate nice guy and just wants to help everyone ,either way I like him and I’m subscribing.

23Sailfish- Just by putting myself out there and posting is the cause for a lot of response similar to what you said. I edit stuff out of videos and people are mad cause there’s a blur in the video and it ruins the video. Then I don’t blur out some buildings and I am wrong too. This is what it is to put yourself on the internet, and I get it. It’s ok, you have your opinion. It is pretty hard to do videos that include stuff besides go pro footage without showing to some degree where you are. I typically fly a drone and there are times I don’t care where people see and there are other times we purposely film areas that don’t give anything away. There’s give and take with both. For your YouTube comment, I am not trying to be a cool kid. I have wanted to do something with fishing for as long as I can remember. I knew how to edit and photoshop already so it was a natural fit. I appreciate you taking the time to comment on this thread. I am sure we probably agree on a lot of things besides the youtube.

StumpNocker- It was my first time pond fishing down here. My childhood best friend has just been moved here by the military and wanted to fish. Wind and weather wasn’t the best for any of the piers so we tried that place out. Hopefully next time there will be bigger fish to show. I completely agree about bigger fish in the ponds… I get it. I’ll do my best to not let you down in the future.

Sman- I’m not a better fisherman than anyone else, but I love it. I moved three years ago and spent a long time to figure stuff out. I ended up getting a lot of help from the Lowcountry Kayak Angler club and I would recommend those guys to anyone. Thank you for appreciating what I am doing, it’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time putting it all together. I am just trying to help people and be creative at the same time. Thank you for subscribing and if you ever want to reach out to me feel free to do so.

The cool kid comment was in no way a negative remark towards you. It was a jab at myself and my lack of keeping up with the younger generation with social media. I’ll put it to you this way, I have a facebook account, but I only have one friend, and its my wife. There are currently like 300 friend requests, but I don’t have the energy or want to keep up with it. Kudos to the people that do.

You seem like the kind of guy I’d have as a fishing buddy. We’d get along just fine. I’d take you fishing sometime. I can drown bait with the best of them.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

oh we can agree you’re a baitsoaker. the lures and fly’s left with the dragonfly. guess who’s not one of the 300 friend requests

No, I rechecked. Mrs. Pod sent me a request last month…

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

I would like to join the lynch mob and make a statement lol. A guy on here posted his road side honey hole for years and did a great job of not exposing it. Ive watched some of your videos and some of them you show the spots pretty good. Those easy access public spots get ruined from pressure really easily and most of the people who fish them dont have a lot of options and that’s why they fish them.

At easy identifiable spots edit edit edit. Or cut in some b roll from another spot to make it look good.

Hard to identify spots like the middle of a creek with nothing notably identifiable. Get the drone out and show off.

Just some ideas. I like seeing the local videos. Keep them coming.

Salt ponds are best in any month that ends in er

Adam and I caught three trout off the end of a guys dock in the IOC in one of my videos. We let all three go.

The guy who owns the dock commented that he had boats setting on his dock for seven straight days after the video was published. The problem is that he watched the wrong video. Yeah, it was his dock but I had a prior video where we caught several very large trout there. One was a #releaseover20. Every one of those fish were also released.

He told me to enjoy fishing it but just don’t tell the world.
The “World” being the 450 views that that video probably got. I guess he lives in a very small world.
He hash tagged #overfished and gave my video a thumbs down.

I didn’t respond back even though I googled his name and found him on Instagram holding up some very nice Sheepshead. I considered telling him that my next video would be a sheepshead right off that dock but took the upper road and said nothing.

Where we we sitting in the IOC we literally couldn’t cast within 20 feet of his structure. The trout were on the drop off that goes from maybe six foot to maybe 15 foot.

His dock just happened to be there.

Some days later I roll up on that dock and there’s a center console boat with what looks like a couple of grandparents and their two grandkids. I slowed and asked them how it was going and the grandfather said they had just gotten there.

I told him I had caught some nice trout there a few days ago and explained how I caught them. They were throwing the same stuff i had thrown. He said he had seen my video.

He commented in a different video of mine that they never caught a fish. They drove down from Columbia because they wanted to fish off that dock.

Just because people find those places you post in videos doesn’t necessarily mean they can catch the fish there

There’s a salt pond that everyone and their brothers knows about around where I fish out of Garris Landing.
And so does the guy who owns the dock who had the hateful comment. He saw the video I published

Kenny at least you figured out who was giving you the thumbs down…

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

22 life’s a day

Yeah. I’ve had one other thumbs down when my brother caught a seagull on a top water. :joy::joy::joy:

Hahaha. Yeah, for sure. It’s like actually finding out who turned you in to HOA for being able to see your recycle bin from the curb.

I did respond to that one! Haven’t heard back.

Hey Kerry,

I think you do a great job and I enjoy your videos. Thank you for checking out my content. I need to get the jerk recipe from you.