I Like This Guy A Lot

he makes good old folk music, looks a good bit older than the last time i saw a pic of him

I like this one

I got tickets for Saturday nights show, 4th row center.

Im a fan

The bartender…

oh ■■■■, i’m gonna watch the rest of this later. awesome.

“seems like we’re debating everything again. we’re debating Darwinism. Darwinism is just a theory… it’s a theory that better be true, because all of our medical science is based on it”

I really like Chris Knight too

Im getting thru those songs of mr Knights, good stuff

I like this line, it sort of resembles me

Well I’m thankful for the things I have
And all the things I don’t
And I’ve got dreams that will come true
And I’ve got some that won’t
Most the time I just walk the line wherever it goes
'Cuz you can’t hang yourself if you ain’t got enough rope

One of my favorites is lost in the backyard. John Prine is another great one, Leave the Lights On , one line in there is : Got a big ole dog, A chrome crowbar…I keep that mother humper in the backseat of my car…