I need a 1/2 day charter for 5 on thursday morning

My brothers, dad, grandfather and I (4 or 5 total) are looking for a 1/2 day inshore charter for thurday morning. Any captains who have the space and time please feel free to contact me at dhpeek@gmail.com. Hope this is ok to post.

PS. they are all from the upstate and are staying on IOP, so we would need to leave from somewhere close to there.

I’m booked that morning but if you call the IOP marina tomorrow morning at 843-886-0209 they can find someone to take your group size. Make sure you tell them you have 5 people potentially. You want a larger boat for a group that size. Good luck

“I have tomorrow open!”

Call Capt. Greg Weiss. Large boat and is out of Charleston Harbor Marina at Patriots Point.(843)-647-8407

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The Charleston Angler keeps a list of guides. I’d try calling them to see if any of their guys are open.

17’ Henry O Hornet
26’ Palmer Scott

Thanks for the suggestions, I was able to get something booked. Will let you know how it goes.