I really do see why some players might not be interested

A competitive skilling scene wouldn’t exist if it were not for the relatively slow xp prices and difficulty in progressing your character to ascend. Fully finishing the game would not be that much of an RS gold achievement if no true devotion, time and endurance have been required .

I really do see why some players might not be interested at the skilling/levelling part, if they’re more into pvm/pking/socializing. But grinding abilities is a core component of the game which many enjoy.

I am not saying 07scape does this flawlessly, or things are more balanced, but it is 100% clear 07scape, just like most other MMORPG’s, is far from a skill-based game, or an instant-action kind of sport.

We do not have constant action-packed fights, where one misclick, dodge, missed skill, or 0.3 seconds late media of your R-key can make or break a 5v5 teamfight, like in League of Legends.

We do not have many clutch minutes, such as in Battlefield / CoD, where a strategic decision and positioning of Claymore traps paired with your own position can get you through a 1v4 victorious.

Instead, 07scape gamers find their pleasure in incremental gains. Gradually working towards a next level, a landmark, a brand new unlock (the fishing guild, or even another type of NPC into pickpocket, or a better food source, or large unlocks such as accessing the Warriors Guild using 130 att+str / access to Duradel at 100 battle, or the advantage unlocked at 83 Disadvantages for a jewellery box + best pool combo)

Sure, its not fun per se. But it is gratifying. And thats an cheap RuneScape gold Integral aspect of enjoyment too:)