I think Jack is coming back!

I think they may be making a return. I have read a few reports on here mentioning them along with some talk at the landings. We caught a number of these juveniles out at the Jetties this weekend. Largest was just under 10"

Caught a nice school of them in the cast net in the harbor a couple weeks ago. Thought they were menhaden at first.

Pioneer 197

Hope so!

2000 SeaPro 180CC w/ Yammy 115 2 stroke
1966 13’ Boston Whaler w/ Merc 25 4 stroke “Flatty”

I saw schools of those or a similar looking fish caught in the rocks at low tide at folly all smaller than the one you caught as well as tiny sheep heads and crabs. It was the first time I saw any life in the rocks besides starfish in a long time and it was like a loaded aquarium.

Caught and released one about 4 or 5" on the Mt. Pleasant pier on Monday.

No matter how many variables I have control over, I never expect a bite. I only hope.