I want to introduce a friend to shark fishing...

…but, it’s been years since I’ve done it myself. Is it still too early in the season? We work swing shift and have all of next week off. I was thinking about taking him to station Creek and fishing the deep hole. Would that be productive this time of year?

The best time to go fishing is when you have the time to go fishing.

Never question if its a good time or not. If you can, always go!

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I think the earliest I have caught an inshore shark was in April. It was a bonnet head that took a half piece of blue crab. We have had a mild winter so it might be doable.

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Yeah i have some friends that wanna go shark fishing also and want some sharl meat. So i have to get out and find some myself

June, July and August are the Hot months for most all inshore sharks. But what Dorado said. Have caught several in April and May fishing for Cobia.

Just freshen up on the legal keepers and size limits. A once fun fishery has been turned into an over managed aggravating one. IMO.

Maybe some local Captains will chime in, many made their start targeting Sharks and still do to keep customers happy.

If you are keeping them for meat and you have a legal keeper, gut it immediately, give it a dip in the water, and put on ice. Head has to be intact to bring home.

Agree with Fred, have to gut em while they are still alive. As soon as they calm down enough to safely do so I start at the vent and cut all the way to the throat. Pull all guts out and throw them, then ice it down. The minute a shark dies the acids from the guts start to spread to the meat.

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Sharks start to show up in April. As soon as the menhaden start showing up, I would target them.

Just trust what im saying is true and that i do know what im talking about. Sharks go where the bait goes and 60 degree water is not to cold if foods around. Cold water shark fishing is (55 to 68 for our area) it gets really hit or miss below 65 but you can still catch them. If a shark is around in water under 68 it will feed. Most sharks have to stay more active in the cooler water to keep there body functioning properly. A big part of the process is through increased metabolising. Sharks fight harder when the waters in the 60s. You can honestly catch any type of shark anytime of year but certain times of the year are better for certain targets. This time of year you will likely catch sharpnose, sandbars, sandtigers, blacktips, spinners. The inlets jetties and front beach will be better than rivers to try this early in the year. Sharpnose is the only shark ive ever tried but it was fine. Pretty much any shark besides a bonnet head and sharpnose has to be 54 inches or larger and i think you can only keep 1. Study up and make sure you know the distinguishing features to tell them apart. In my experience smaller short lived animals eat better, and have lower levels of toxins (mercury) sharpnose, bonnet would be what i would go for. Sharpnose on the incoming close to big water and bonnets on lowtide close to the bank are pretty reliable patterns come june to September. In general May and September are the 2 best months. Thats when most show and go. Be safe and be responsibble about it.

Go whiting fishing by the kitchen and drop half a whiting down.

These guys were caught in December. Little River jetties. I think the water temperature was around 58. Cut bluefish.

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Thats a blacknose shark. They dont get very big.

thank y’all for chiming in with the suggestions! So it would be best to wait until at least June, to give them their best shot at catching decent sharks inshore. We’re going to be in a 17ft aluminum boat not exactly designed for salt water use, that’s why I was specifically asking about the inshore bite. I have taken it out into the mouth of Port Royal sound before, just to see how bad it was. (wasn’t a great result) I have always been catch and release with sharks, though. I live 2.5hrs away from the coast. by the time I make it home i’m too tired from everything else to go through the process of cleaning fish. By the time I get home and unloaded, there’s only 3 things on my mind: shower, food and sleep… Again, thanks everyone for the input!

Robery, Pt Royal Sound can be a *****! When the tide opposes the wind, it’s much worse. Being aware of that prior to going is a plus…

Good luck,