IAN N No Effect

Saturday no MM, Shot over to Haddrell’s (West Ashley) and they had no power so off to MT. P for bait. Figured the water would be Murky because of IAN but off I went anyway. Couldn’t get a flounder to bite after a few hours so switched up to artificial and the trouts were strike after strike with the largest 19.5". No Reds nor flounders.

Sunday was able to get out on time and after a few cast Managed an agressive Red and shortly after got my flounder. Ran up the river seeking trouts but nothing. Ran back to Bushy and started catch reds and managed a few trouts for the Slam. The weather was cool and windy but the fishing was good


I need me a trout attack like that…nice work fat.

No flattys but still got flatties… my man! How strong is that!? :muscle: