icom 504 won't turn off

yup … hit power button on unit. LCD goes blank, unit appears to be off then 10 sec. later its automatically back on.

Everything else works great:Tx/Rv/DSC/Wx

I’ve been just pulling the fuse for now to keep it from draining batt.

Thinking about just wiring in another switch for an easy fix.

Could it be a bad power button on unit and is it worth sending it back to icom for repair??

Thanks for all the replies, I guess this topic wasn’t epic enough :smiley:

I did find my proof of purchase and printed the icom warranty form out. Will get everything ready to mail out after some turkey.

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There is an electronic circuit that is activated by the momentary on/off button. It could be a defective button or water in the button. But, I’d suspect the circuit is defective first.
The way you are handling it makes sense.
Thank goodness it isn’t turning off instead of on…then the radio would be basically useless.
BTW ICOM is usually pretty good about repairs. Then again, you may be better off financially just replacing it.
Good Luck !


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