Ideas on Insulating metal Bldg

I guess I could start with dropping a pic in here for reference.

I snagged that ugly mug for idea.

Anyway, wanna go with this type Bldg for a place to stay. Hoping to do enclosed 30’ x 25’ with 8’ walls. Will have extension for cooking and stuff, but that’s the hopes…

So, metal Bldg, and the square tubing is 2.5 x 2.5" square.

Closed cell spray seems like a no brainer, yikes! Until you check price, which who knows by march/April timeframe where anything will be.

Plan on walls being 8’ high, but keep in mind the tubing, risers are spaced at 5’.

To finish inside I plan to screw 2 x 4’s to the metal first horizontal about 2’ apart, then vertical over the metal risers to be able to finish off inside. This will be completely wired with plumbing as the Perk Test passed today.

On a side note, I thought he had to dig a hole, put water in it and calculate the rate of absorption over given amount of time. Dude said nope, that’s old school and just drilled a few holes with the T-bar hand screw, felt and looked at results with his hand…Yep you good and did his GPS stuff. About 40 minutes.

I was thinking of just running 2 x 4’s for ceiling screwing to tubing, then sheet rocking everything and blowing in bunch of the cellulose or whatever the latest is on top.

I’m thinking if I go that route I can avoid having the roof sprayed…

Probably missed some thing I need to consider, but y’all please fill in the blanks.

Also, I’m not 100% locked into the metal Bldg route, but don’t wanna get anything that will depreciate, like doublewide type stuff. Better ideas are always welcome and appreciated.

Thanks Pat’s,

Metal building guys can put insulation on the outsidr of the frame & then sandwich the siding over it.

both these building were insulated in price of build. I will say if you don’t get the roof done it will sweat. I’m looking to start pricing a 30x30 and I’d love to do the spray foam. I’d talk to the dude that put up your building and see if he recommends anything. Got a feeling prices for these kinds of projects will be decreasing this spring… or I hope so. I’ll ask around. IP builders does a lot of steel buildings and did the second one in the pics . (843) 538-2010] Ask for Ian Padgett. Good dude.

My advice would be do not rush and if you can swing it get what you want not settling for half ass as I have done many times in my life to save money and out of what I thought was necessity. Network and ask ask ask about who does this and that. Right now not many builders and insulator type people are hungry. most over booked. But I think that will change.

Let us know what you come up with!! and good luck!


Man, y’all have some nice buildings.

I highly doubt that the carport, pictured above, has the structural integrity to support the extra framing, drywall, and insulation, you mentioned?
Be careful!

I could see that… maybe some rigid foam and thin plywood? I’ll be the first to say I know nothing of construction other than a dog our chicken house and that’s not anywhere up to code.

Second the view of Mixed about weight.

There are vapor barriers combined with insulation. You can find plenty of these online. I have used these successfully but never higher R versions - only for shop buildings. Would need a vapor barrier in any case, I think. Might be worth a look.

Not had much success with spray on. Durability not great, expensive, heavy, makes it hard to repair or change anything, problems with water.

Also available and works well, fiberglass with a heavy plastic sheathing that faces the interior. I have only on roof, not durable enough for walls.

Have done on wooden frame and metal, the following:

Vapor barrier,
Fiber glass or rigid insulation between framing members or stickers,
Sheathing with light weight metal roofing material.

Not pretty but easy to put up, easy to maintain and durable. Twenty years living with this without problems in multiple buildings.

Also, “barndominiums” or “shopdominiums” are popular and many kits available. These are engineered for the interior finish you want. I have only looked at these - never have built one myself, no personal experience.

Good luck.

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Yes sir. I used to have a couple of helpers. One passed away recently and the other retired. It’s stacking up on me right now sitting at home. Bosses son is on his way to a Yamaha sponsorship this next race season. His daughter finished first in the ladies division and his son was 3rd in points. This will be a huge opportunity for him and very lucrative. my new helper… Now if I can teach him not to crap on the floor.

Pic above is shed for tractor and stuff. Solid.

Good point, MN, I will make sure it is done correctly. I can go with same type as above. Will see, they offer a more robust structure, tubing as well.

This won’t be rushed into…

Thanks Fella’s

Here’s one I worked on, back in May. It’s a Hunt Camp, in Sumter Nat. Forest, near Newberry.

Nice, any pics of inside?? The more info, the better.


Hunt Camp in National Forrest…was focusing on Bldg.

What is that thing sitting on?? Like it’s some kind of refurbished doublewide???

Edit to say, don’t mean that in a bad way, just like ideas for something that will last and not depreciate.



Concrete slab.

Refurbished Double Wide?


A new Pole Barn, with steel trusses.

Owners back dressed the outside with crusher run, to alleviate the dirt splashing on their new building, due to a lack of gutters.

Might be best if you just stick with a carport?

I don’t design the Pole Barns, I just build what my customers want.

Frankly, I keep pretty busy at it!

No need to get all heated up over, sheesh.

I could not tell and wanted info. It makes sense now, somewhat, but the concrete should still been extended, IMO and without gutters, still used some type of rock or gravel to avoid splash back. All depends I think on what is exposed outside of slab underneath. Again, to me.

I was in process of editing when you replied with sort of an apology for assuming something…

As a lot of hunting clubs have different types of shelters they fix up.

Anyway, your Team lose today??

You seem to think I’m some kind of dumbazz with your tone and carport remarks.


It’s all good…

You call my work a refurbished Double Wide?


Did I??

You mentioned it was something you worked on with pics of putting up ■■■■ siding. Nothing about building the whole thing, hence my question regarding pics of interior!!! I want ideas.

I asked a question. That was only due to the look and no foundation around the exterior.

I don’t give a rats azz if you build something for Elon, or a chicken coop for Fred, or how someone else wants you to do or build something for them.

Ridiculous, IMO!


MN, let’s call a truce. Enough on this and not productive. We’ve had enough of that on CF.

I appreciate a lot of what you say and life is to short. Virtual fist bump and let’s let it go.

Keep pumping ideas tho.



Class act you are…

Tell your son congratulations!

Explain, please.

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