If You Could Go Fishing With

…anyone thats ever been a known member here, who would it be?

Ive caught giant grouper with skinny guys i met here, flashy red snappers with a guy with phins, hopped on trouts with a barbie rod, sold fish with a guy that used to sell fish, and cut out bloodlines with both the brothers, but theres always been a couple guys that I always wanted to gleen a little know-how from.

I think I might have missed my chance, he no longer posts any of his real world knowledge and experience here any more. He fished a lot too.

I always read his reports and info with some anticipation, it was always good stuff, he had the fish patterned so well because he spent so much time close to them. I miss that stuff.

So anyway, If you could go fishing with anyone thats been around here ever, who would it be?

Mines is the 42inchreds guy, never met him. Hate i missed the chance.

Whos yours?

Cracker Larry, RIP!

I met Paul (Sellsfish) at one of the Oyster Roasts years ago, along with a ton of others. Nice down to earth guy, and I admired his knowledge of Offshore Fishing! So, I think I’d pick him.

Although, the pics 23Sf is posting up lately, Inshore, might sway me a bit.

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Thanks to this website, I’ve fished with folks who created world famous tackle brands, world class guides, and a guy with mossy balls.

Was supposed to get out with the Phineous one back when I was a bachelor, before that hogfish and the outriggers, that was my #1 missed opportunity

Cracker Larry and Easy round out my top 3, nuff said

I should have prefaced that with current company excluded

I think what you could learn from JR Waits or Ben Alderman in a day of fishing would be monumental.

If we’re going for entertainment purposes only, I can assure you an outing with Damoons or Fritz would be unforgettable.

I fished with Craig(Off the Chain) after months of texts and phone conversations.If I could do it over i would have gone a long time ago.Great guy and a pleasure to be around.

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I’d have to say these guys because they were both interesting, down to earth guys and I have missed them both. Barbawang, for his vast knowledge and Optiker because he’s Optiker would be high on the list. Didn’t say 23sailfish cuz I have and hope to again soon.

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I once took Opti gigging years ago. It was the one time I knew more about fishing than him. He’s forgotten more about trout than I’ll ever know.

Cracker Larry. He helped get started fishing salt. Great guy. I never got a chance to meet him either

anyone that can share some knowledge of fishing the jetties or the nearshore reef. I have been wanting to take my boat out there, but have never been. Not sure when to go, how to fish reef or jetty.