I'll Give You 3 Guesses

Where am I?


On the water in a boat .
Is that Georgia can’t think of the road by the alligator reserve

BP or Nucor…upper Cooper
Does the Mrs. know what you’re doing??? I ain’t no snitch

A) Blind Deer?

B) No Eyed Deer?

C) No Idea

Im going with c

Looking forward to the pics

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Go after dark. Be easier to find the fish. They glow…

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Answer: Crystal River Coal And Nuclear Power Plant

Better take some sick leave when you return…cough cough! I hear fishing is the only remedy

hopefully your catching some nice fish and snorkeling to cool off. Looks like fun!

now we got ourselves a reel* thread

Im all in

And Crystal River is the East coast’s #1 scuba diving certification location, go figure??? My son and I were certified there in the 80’s, wow!!!

See quite a bit of inshore fishing shows from Crystal River, they say one of the best spots in America inshore, with outstanding estuaries.

Scalloping, Crystal river Florida

Florida has three very LARGE nukes. All three came in on time and under budget. BTW all three construction projects were managed by the same man.

Who was it? Last I heard (long ago) was that the concrete tomb is cracking since it was shut down.

Its a good thing we’ve got our best man in the area.

edited to add,he will get the scoop

Hey, we’re down in Weeki Wachee this week. We see that power plant every time we drive down here. We kayaked the CR 2 years ago we were down. Pretty area.