In need of fiberglass repair for deck compartment lid

Hope everyone is well,
I’m looking to get some repair work done on a fiberglass deck storage lid, it has cracks and small pieces missing around the edge and needs some places patched. Does anyone know a good resource for this type of work? Seems to small of project for a lot of boat fiberglass repair places I’ve been looking up online.
Appreciate they input
Thank you

What boat? Might be able to find a used one?

just an idea

2005 180cc seapro, mine is not in bad shape, and assumed most used would be in similar condition or worse.[ADL][PLA]%20Boat%20Maintenance_Control&utm_content=autoag0000x21026683838x13967443&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjw9IayBhBJEiwAVuc3flDM56P_2qLIxLDKNmdXMTMF61-DkQU9pZebf97Os7P1agEyLOXMNRoCDm4QAvD_BwE

This stuff works great for dings dents and cracks on lids and hatched and even floorings. You can grind out a little area for best adhesion but clean and dry is the most important.

I’m gonna try some of that myself

You can do it Polar!

lol, that’s what I figured, I’ll add it to the list.

The only issue with Marine Tex is that it won’t have woven glass as a substrate for strength. If you do a little research (my recommendation is Boat Works Today on YouTube) you will find that fiberglassing is super easy and fun. Once you get a little confidence the world is your oyster! I started out on my Whaler project knowing absolutely nothing about it. You can get some fiberglass repair kits and I’d suggest DIY. You might open up a new world for yourself while you’re at it!

Appreciate the input. I’m checking it out now. Thanks