Incompletely and Ham N Cheese team up 5/18

My brother, Nick, Ham N Cheese and I left Shem creek at 4:30 to go straight out. We passed two container ships that were coming in. The first ship threw the biggest wake I have ever seen. I couldn’t imagine taking it in any smaller of a boat. We started bracing for the second container ship’s wake, but it never happened.?
Cleared the cans running 32 kts and the ocean kept getting smoother. The plan was to head to 300 ft and look for some weeds. We made it to only 140 feet before Nick spots the infamous tree. After nosing up to it, we see lots of bait, but no dolphin. Several long skinny fish swim by, we discard them as barracuda. Brandt grabs a rod and starts pitching to the tree. Two dolphin emerge, but they won?t take the bait. About to give up, Ham N Cheese suggests we troll by it to see if they like a more lively presentation. We set up two rods and set up on our first pass. As soon as our lures get close the tree, we have two dolphin on. Threw them in the box, made our turn, and set back up. Next pass, both lines go off again. This time, two wahoo! After pass after pass, we end up with 8 dolphin and 5 wahoo.?Our GPS screen looked like a 3 year old?s etch-a-sketch.
As it was only 8:30 and slick calm conditions, we decided to pick up our two lines go for a boat ride and have a couple beers before calling it a day. We pushed out to 250 feet and found some scattered weeds. We deployed two lines again and picked up four more dolphin before the box was full. We never even got a chance to put out the outriggers.?
As we were heading back in, we came up on a pod of porpoises schooling some bait. How great would a blackfin be to complete the meat fish slam? Trolled around them for 30 minutes with only one bonito to show for it. Oh well.
Ran 38 kts in and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning fish.


Gotta love those trees! Nice job pulling wahoo off it too.

26’ Glacier Bay

Nice catch. We found a tee in 250ft of water but only one peanut. Maybe we gave up too soon. Nice job on the wahoo. Did you go north or south?

Nice! A lot of meat for the freezer.

Way to go guys. We saw that same tree, much later than you guys however! LOL! Looks like a really good job by you guys for sure.

Hey I passed those same two container ships in a 230 wa… UH ROGER that on the biggest wake ever part!!! Never have I seen anything close to that. And when I saw the second ship, I was thinking nice theres another one, but there wasn’t even as much as some of the sportys were throwing our way.

Jessie May, we went straight out from the channel

2660 Sailfish

Passed those same two ships. 10-4 on the wake of the first one. Good-ness!!!


That bow wake can can get you good

Great job boys!! we will get at’em again soon