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Brilliant idea…

DEA idiot shoots himself teaching gun safety! - YouTube

Carver Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself In Leg During Training At Harwich Gun Range - CBS Boston (

Police Officer Shoots Himself in the Leg at Prep School | Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence (

Prosecutor accidentally shoots himself in courthouse office - ABC News (

The leader of the Oath keepers wears a patch over his eye because the dolt shot himself too…

Ex-wife of Oath Keepers leader reveals HUMILIATING story of how he shot his own eye out - YouTube

From a link above:

CCP Mishaps in Schools Occur with Alarming Frequency

These are just SOME of the incidents that have been reported in the media. Click the date to see the media report for any of these incidents.

February 2019, Bus Driver Shot with Student on Board, MN
78-year-old school bus driver shot by CCP holding security guard in apparent road rage incident; the 8-year old student on board was not physically injured.

January 2019, Babylon High School, NY
School security guard and retired Suffolk County police officer left unloaded, holstered gun on the counter in a bathroom after school hours.

January 2019, Kingston High School, MI
CCP holding grandfather attending elementary school basketball game forgets loaded handgun at the school. The gun was found in the bleachers by adults who notified police.

January 2019, Mustang High School, OK
Loaded gun found by staff belonging to an employee with CCP, who planned to go target shooting, but forgot to remove it from his bag before coming into the school.

October 2018, Somerset Academy Bay School, FL
Fifth-grade student finds loaded handgun in a bathroom accidentally left behind by the school security guard; no injuries reported.

October 2018, Anona Elementary School, FL
While demonstrating how to do a backflip to third graders in the school yard, a CCP holding substitute teacher’s handgun, loaded with 19 rounds of ammunition, dropped from his waistband; no injuries were reported.

September 2018, Indepedent Elementary School, MT
Resource Officer leaves duty weapon in elementary school bathroom. School district officials declined to name the school, but said it was an independent school district.

March 2018, Seaside High School, CA
Teacher accidentally fires semiautomatic weapon at ceiling during gun safety training class; one student is injured by a bullet fragment, two students suffer non-gunshot injuries.

March 2018, George Washington Middle School, VA
School resource officer accidentally discharged his service weapon; no injuries were reported.

February 2018, Harmony Learning Center, MN
A third grade student pressed the trigger of a school liaison officer’s holstered weapon while the officer was talking with some students; the gun discharged through the holster and the bullet hit the floor, no one was injured.

February 2018, North Broward Prep. School, FL
Police officer shoots himself in the leg while responding to a false alarm.

February 2018, Elliott Point Elementary School, FL
Parent finds loaded handgun in bathroom, left behind by school resource officer; no injuries reported.

November 2017, Texarkana College, TX
Student accidentally shoots himself in the knee in the parking lot while showing his gun to another student.

October 2017, Oxford High School, MI
Student in scuffle with uniformed deputy reached for the officer’s gun and was able to press the trigger; one bullet struck the floor and ricocheted into a nearby interior wall; no injuries were reported.

August 2017, Utah Valley University, UT
A student with a valid concealed carry permit, accidentally fired his gun at a restaurant on campus; the bullet hit a table and a light, no injuries were reported.

July 2017, Kennesaw State University, GA
College student is robbed of wallet and handgun by armed robbers on campus 3 weeks after campus-carry law goes into effect.

May 2017, Augusta High School, KS
A man with a concealed carry permit accidentally shot himself in the foot; the bullet ricocheted off the ground, flying more than 50 feet, and hitting a woman in the calf.

April 2017, University of St. Thomas, MN
Student with a concealed carry permit accidentally shoots a bullet through the wall; a student in the next room suffered a gunshot injury to the head which required surgery.

November 2016, Bay City Western High School, MI
School resource officer, also a Bay City Sheriff’s Deputy, negligently discharged a gun, which went through at least one wall and struck a teacher who was teaching a class in the neck.

September 2016, Cumberland Christian School, PA
A 63-year-old teacher left her loaded pistol in bathroom where four children, aged 6 to 8 found and handled it; no one was injured and the teacher resigned and was charged.

May 2016, Oscar Patterson Elementary School, FL
A part-time correctional officer accidentally shot himself in the knee while at the school for a job interview; no students were injured and the man was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

May 2015, Utah Valley University, UT
Student at firearms training course for people hoping to become certified police officers in Utah accidentally shoots another student; victim undergoes “very minor” surgery.

September 2014, Idaho State University, ID
Professor, and concealed carry permit holder, shoots himself in the foot during class two months after campus-carry goes into effect.

October 2014, Westbrook Elementary School, UT
Teacher, a concealed carry permit holder, accidentally shoots herself in the leg in the bathroom; no students were injured.

March 2014, Weber State University, UT
A properly permitted student accidentally discharges handgun on campus; he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

January 2014, West Elementary School, IA
Parent, a retired police officer and firearms instructor, accidentally shoots himself in the leg in the school parking lot.

July 2013, Rhode Island College, RI
Staff member with CCPs in several states as well as NRA-certification as a “Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home” instructor, was fired after bringing a loaded handgun to work and losing it; it was later found in a garbage can.

May 2013, Rangeivew High School, CO
A school worker, who also works as an armed security guard for a different employer, accidentally shoots a student in the leg in the parking lot; student undergoes surgery.

May 2013, University of Southern MS
Police say student, a concealed firearms permit holder, appears to have accidentally shot himself in the leg.

April 2013, Salem Lutheran School, MN
Gun safety instructor assumes his gun was empty when he accidentally fired it; the bullet went through the wall of the cafeteria, no injuries were reported.

February 2013, Van Independent School District, TX
“Certified” instructor misfires during training of school staff, shooting school department employee in the leg; injury was non-life threatening.

November 2012, University of Colorado, CO
A properly permitted staff member accidentally discharges her firearm on campus and injuries herself as well as a coworker.

November 2011, Long Island University, NY
Criminal Justice professor, a retired police officer, was attempting to safeguard his handgun in the hallway of the campus building before he accidentally discharged it, shooting himself in the leg.

The Troll just posted 11 years of only minor injuries to say putting trained professionals in our schools to protect our children is a bad Idea. I’ll give it credit, it worked hard on all those copy and pastes. I’ll take an occasional mishap to mass slaughter of our children.

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You think Biden will give her the congressional Medal of Honor?

How come Michael Byrd wasn’t in that lengthy list?:thinking:

Haha, you missed the point again… It also took about 30 seconds to post it… RBF is blazing fast…

It was in direct response to arming teachers that was directly above the post… Stupid idea as accidents happen even to the ones that are “experts” and the rest shows how having a miniscule number of guns so far in schools worked out… This whole notion is just a typical Barbershop BS solution…

The idea would only work if every teacher/classroom had a gun which would result in a whole lot of guns in schools… That means more opportunities for errors… Also, the notion that an armed teacher will leave their students in the classroom alone to hunt down the killer is flawed at best… Reality is most teachers will quit/protest before they would have to be armed to teach…

Sorry things fly over your head so easily Alfredo… Try looking up occasionally…

Here’s the thing, It would be nice to carry on a conversation with you about pros and cons. But you being an egotistical Troll with TDS will never allow any sort of banter. You are irrelevant. You disparage our military, call people names, Lie and twist words. I’ve watched you with others and myself. Nothing changes with you. There’s your feed for the day, I’ll continue to try and ween you and myself.


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Good guys with guns are the answer that’s why the Capitol pays them so well with the tax dollars they confiscate from you behind a fortified wall that they refuse to build on the border

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My people have had enough. I am proud of whats being done in Western North Carolina.

Let the rest of the nation watch and learn

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I’ve always said Sheriffs hold the keys for Saving America

Cp- But what I hope to emphasize in this article is the gravity of the role. It holds more weight than perhaps any other office in government. Consider. If a president, member of Congress, or governor goes rogue, the sheriff–much like Sheriff’s Printz and Mack–can protect their citizens from such power grabs. But if the sheriff joins hands with the rogue and unlawful power of these branches of government, there truly is nothing to stop from drowning in the flood of tyrannical arbitrary power.

if you’re paying attention, Catherine Englebrook of 2000 Mules first took her evidence to the FBI who did nothing so she took it to the local Sheriffs who have taken actions

I believe this will help Save America if we make every Leo office an elected position instead of an appointed position where they succumb to influence by the person that appointed them to me it’s a common sense no brainer