Information on Fishing in December

Heading down to Charleston at the end of December. Bringing my skiff. How is the fishing for Redfish and sea trout? Any info would be appreciated. Thinking about James Island or West Ashley. Thanks.

Fishing can be tough in December, thats when the water cools down and so does the fishing.

If you fish much I would recommend looking back thru the inshore reports forum here and just look back to Decbembr for the past few years to get an idea.

If you are a weekend warrier type guy Id recommend hiring a guide early in your trip and just ape what he does in your boat the rest of your time.

Just my .02 cents

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Also there are a lot if lical guys that have youtube fishing channels, check some out.

IF it doesn’t get too cold too fast, I have had some success in the past fishing with artificials in December. A wise fisherman taught me to slow my retrieve in the winter as the fish slow down. It works and I have had some good days in December on those not so cold, sunny days.

December can be killer for trout