Inshore 6-19

My brother & I took out dad for Father’s Day. It was too windy offshore, so we stuck in the shallow water. We wanted to tarpon fish, but the livewell was broken–so we decided to redfish.

Fished south Bull’s Bay and hid from the wind–it was blowin! The small tide was nice. Fished from high tide at noon to about 4 pm, caught & released about 6 reds and a shark. All redfish caught with a freshly dead menhaden under a cork.

Had a great time. Hoping the wind will lay down for the weekend so we can catch a billfish…but not looking good as of now.

Pat Condon

Very nice, have been wanting to fish the south end of BB, just haven’t made down that way yet.

DFreedom–can be good fishing out there. I would try to avoid the huge tides if possible, they make some crazy currents & muddy water in the Bay.

Pat Condon

Some good fishing up there, not to overfished yet. Took my dad with my brother out for Father’s Day too. Put a few fish in the boat. Good times with family is what matters.

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Looks like a great trip. Way to take advantage of those days with family, Pat.

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