Inshore Charter Advice/Artificial Advice

This is my 5th year in Charleston and only my 2nd year fishing from a boat here (16ft flats). I consistently catch a few reds (1-6 on average) on every trip and the occasional trout or flounder. However, it’s always on live bait and rarely to never on artificial. I’m interested in learning from some of the seasoned fishing vets here on how to target reds and trout and how to work artificial more effectively. I’m interested in trying to find where fish should be based on tide, structure, etc. rather than fishing the same old spots you see 50 guys anchored up on every day. I’m a serious angler who goes out at least twice a week exploring new spots. While I have completed my military service now as a combat veteran I would like to start learning these waters so that in the next few years I could enter some tournaments and in 5 years or so I could be an effective inshore fishing charter captain myself.

While I would go broke trying to do 4 hours charters through many of the captains here; I am humbly asking for a cheaper option if there is one available. Obviously, I would pick up the gas, drinks, etc.

Put your time in, don’t depend on other anglers. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

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The East Cooper Fishing Club meeting is tonight at 7pm at the Omar Shriners place at Patriots Point.

Every month we have guest speskers do just what you are asking.

Check out ecfc or the other clubs in the area. You might even make a friend or dozen.

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Don’t take or catch any live bait, heck…leave the minnow bucket/cast net at home. That’s how I learnt to use artificial’s effectively, I also learnt to fly fish the same way (leave the spinners at home). Seems like you know where the fish are, just work on your presentation with plastics/hard baits. If you can get out early in the morning, throw top water plugs, wherever you caught fish/got blow ups, fish those areas after the sun comes up with sub surface artificials. My key to picking my artificial setup: use the lightest jig head I can cast, with a color curly tail grub that matches the sky (sunny days- light colors, cloudy days-dark colors).
Good luck

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agreed with tennis, the fact you are catching fish is a good sign. 3" white or new penny gulp shrimp on lightest jighead you can handle is a safe bet for flounder, trout, and reds. if you’ve done much bass fishing you can fish it similar to a texas rigged worm

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