inshore fishing or gigging.

I am stationed here for the next few years, and currently boatless because of an excess of ex wives. Looking to get in on some inshore gigging or fishing trips. I have my own gear, however my gig is just a little 7 ft walking gig. Willing to fish for anything for (and have gear for) anything from trout to large coastal sharks. I have been fishing the salt water of FL since i was 5 yrs old. I dont do any drugs and typically dont drink (well at least not more then a beer or two) while fishing. also i have always respected Game and fish laws.
If anyone needs a spot filled Shoot me a PM or email me xochal78 @ gmail . com


I am lokking for a fishing buddy I do not gig but I have a estuary boat stored in Sewee on 17 lokking for a fishing partner, email me @ awt372&

The Lord said “follow me and I will make you a fisher of men”

I work weekdays but sometimes get out early I’d love to go fishing one day. I’ll shoot you an email when I get home.trying to find some fish at breech inlet now


I sent a PM.