inshore guide?

Looking to find someone with all the gear, knowledge, experience etc. to come with me and some buds on my boat and fish for a few hours inshore. I have none of the above with respect to inshore, and don’t have the time on the day they’ll be in town to go offshore. Anyone do this?

Why not hire the guide and his boat with all the tackle?
A lot of good guides are available.

You may be able to find someone but personally I hate fishing on someone else’s boat. No offense but usually they don’t have what is really needed, ie, no landing net, to small of an anchor, the list goes on

After being released, a lot of fish die, but a lot of them live also.

Thanks for the responses, very helpful.

Conflict of interest. Your boat, your the capt, your in control.
Guide needs control to make it a successful trip.

So who’s in control?

Also, I doubt a guide would go through the pain of hauling all that gear from their boat to your boat. What a pain in the back side.

Keep it simple, hire a guide, split the costs. Dont forget to tip.

Enjoy the trip with friends and enjoy not having to spend a bunch of time cleaning up after.


Also, you’re underestimating how little I know about fishing, I would defer totally. Just trying to save a little cash for some friends who can’t afford the costs of a full charter.

Again, if you don’t want to meaningfully contribute to the conversation, please feel free to ignore and move on.

What area are you wanting to fish, and what do you want to fish for and when? What kind of boat do you have? If you get helped out by someone who is not a licensed guide you will have to get fishing license for your whole group.

Mr Heels… I’ll help you out. I have some rods and some gear, minimal required, and we’ll go. PM me if you want and I’ll work with you.

Capt. Garry Coats
Folly Beach & CHS