Inshore no boat or maybe kayak guide

I will be moving to area soon. Are there any REALLY good inshore guides who specialize in:

  1. Fishing from shore
  2. Fishing from kayak

I will be in temporary housing for a while during search for a house, so will not be able to deal with boat/trailer for a while.

ALSO, What kayak brands/models are least likely to capsize and drown you? My only kayak experience is Georgia fresh water. Kayaks there scared me.

I don’t know about shore fishing guides. Keep an eye on these forums. Occasionally, there are posts about shore fishing and you’ll get some tips there.

I have two Wilderness Systems Ride 135 kayaks that I purchased from Time Out Sports in Mt. Pleasant ( specifically for fishing in 2008. Since then the whole kayak fishing thing has really progressed and there’s a lot of options available. I bought the first one at the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival at James Island County Park. This year’s event is next month. I’d highly suggest going there. You’ll learn a lot and can try out as many kayaks as you can fit into the day.

The main reason I bought the Ride 135 was for stability. At the festival I watched a guy tie off a fishing rod/line to another kayak and while he stood in the Ride 135 with the rod he had a teenage boy give it all he could paddling the kayak at the end of the line. He stood in the kayak like he was fighting a really big fish and never fell. That sold me on stability. I stand and fish in mine with no problem even if a boat passes sending a small wake my way. You just have to get used to the bobbing.

Check the kayak fishing forum here also.

He’s had articles on him too.