Installing Trolling Motor Plug in Key West 186 CC

I just purchased a Key West 186 CC from a buddy and want to install a trolling motor plug. If anyone has done this before, I would appreciate any tips on where to best route the wires from the bow to the center console. Up front bow access looks good through the anchor locker, but it’s just getting the wires from there to the center console that looks challenging.

Maybe look at how your bow lights are wired? I am sure they are running to the CC somehow. Maybe find where that is disconnect them and attach a pull rope to pull an additional wire for the plug.

Thanks for the advice LunaSea. That’s what I’ll do. The wires for the bow lights are right there and easily accessible through the anchor locker, and they do run into the CC with all the other wires out of the deck.

I’d be surprised if its not pre-wired. You might download a wiring diagram from the website and see if its there.

I finally got around to wiring it this weekend and it was easier than expected. There was a plastic tube for the bow light wires that runs above the foam under the starboard bow gunnel to the port hole on the starboard side. Then there was another tube that ran from there into the center console. The whole thing took maybe two hours. Now I’m ready for my batteries and trolling motor. Appreciate all the advice.