Insurance ???

My 06 ultra classic has full coverage through progressive. With all the custom stuff covered. bike valued at $15,000.
Was paying $825 a year. Added the street glide to the policy valued at $25, 000. Which made it $1,050 a year. And we upped are uninsured and under insured coverage. My 79 is covered through Geico. About to run out. $700 a year. Wife asked the girl how much more to add the 79? Doing this over the phone on speakerphone This is the part that shocked me. The lady said 1, 025. I was like hell no. Oh no sir that’s not an additional $1,025. It actually took $25 off the overall policy.
Multi vehicle discount. Definitely works for me. The wife’s looking into the car, and boat they’re all insured with Geico might be moving them. Just thought I would put that out there.I couldn’t believe adding a vehicle actually took money off the overall policy.
My wife’s driving record is perfect.She has never had a ticket. In her life. Me not so good…

My cars/house are with USAA. Great service, never any hassle. If you are eligible you might check them out.

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USAA not so forgiving on tickets…

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I just dropped State Farm after being with them for twenty years. My car insurance alone went down almost $400 annually with Progressive. House was down $200.

I would never have looked elsewhere, but when State Farm only gave me “half a roof” I started looking elsewhere. Called Billy Swails personally and he just didn’t seem to care that he was going to lose my business. You might be huge and have a ton of customers, but without customer service, you will not get my money. Its as simple as that. To say I was disappointed in the way State Farm treated me after 20 years of being a customer and my parents 50 years, is an understatement.

If I’m going to get mediocre service, I’ll go to the cheaper place.

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Neat topic. I quit with State Farm after they threatened to drop me just because my son lived with us , even though on a different policy. (He had a few speeding tickets). After several quotes we found farm bureau our best option. Bundled home, boat, auto and did a life insurance policy. So far so good.

I had State farm years ago. Received a letter from them telling me I had 90 days to put a new roof on. I disputed it roof was only 7 years old. Met the agent with his little loafers at the house. Explain to him this was a Cadillac roof the entire roof had ice and water not felt paper. All the drip edge was 032 aluminum not beer can flashing from Lowe’s. The rakes were glued/ sealed. Showed him the shingles were still bonded very well and pliable. And the company I worked for does claim estimates for them… And the shingles probably have another 15 years in them. Sent his a$$ home with his hat in his hand. Haven’t used them since.
Car & the boat staying with Geico.

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

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Speak of insurance… My youngest getting off my policy and doing it herself went to see Jody and Farm Bureau and he checked a couple of options and Progressive was cheaper for her, which they carry as well.

He also told the wife to come back and get ours reassessed at the end of the year. Some new stuff coming down the pipelines for Good drivers, rates for bad drivers going up and good drivers going down. Guess someone has realized it’s not fair to penalize your good drivers for all the money the bad ones are costing. I’m gonna up my under/uninsured coverage as well.

that’s beautiful

i need to do that with my agent.