Interesting redfish in Ashley River

Caught some interesting redfish on Thursday. One was a personal record 40 incher …surprisingly big for Ashley River. One had somehow escaped a dolphin headlock and the other had very large spots. There are still a few finger mullet around for bait and small trout are starting to show up.


Wow, very nice. Love the multi-spots. That’s definitely one of the bigger ones I have heard of caught in the Ashley.

Wow! Very impressive red, those are some neat chomp marks!

Thanks for the report!

And Congrats’ on the 40 incher!!

That’s a nice fish! The spots are quite unusual Thanks for sharing that with us

Awesome!!! great report!!!

Good looking fish!

Rik, let’s fish one day,


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Last year I had a dolphin grab a red I had hooked up. The dolphin jumped out of the water with my fish in its mouth. Actually got the fish to the boat after the dolphin let it go