international 30vsw vs taigra 30

i am going to be buying some new offshore reels and wanting to get some ■■■■■■■■ on which reels you guys liked better and why?

Both reels are top of the line, and you really can’t go wrong with either one. I personally like taigra’s better, like the handle better and also it just feels smoother to me. If I were buying new reels I would go with the Shimano tyrnos, I love these reels. Especially the 20"s for Sailfishing.

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I’ve fished both and prefer Tiagras. I like the handles better and I also feel like the clickers on the Penns vary too much in loudness. I’ve also had too many charter captains and mates tell me that the Shimanos hold up better long term on the charter boats.

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Why not look at the Accurate and Avet too.

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Im on a charter boat and I say the shimanos by all means and the tyrnos are the way to go I have 30’s and love them!! just my opinion!!!

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I second avet and even okuma makairas. Accurate are very pricy.

A makaira 30 puts more drag out then any competitor and was engineered by tiburon. I have an 80 that I abuse for
Land based sharking and I can’t wait for a 30 too.

Avet is USA made, has multiple color options, more drag than the penn and shimano and are the most popular lever drags when
It comes to the type of fishing I do albeit it’s a smaller community we abuse our stuff bad due to conditions and avets have been holding up well.

I still vote the makaira.

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i havent looked at the avets at all. it seems alot of people use them for bottom fishing. i will primarily be trolling. would that make a differnce?

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I haven’t used an Avet, but I’d buy a Shimano Tyrnos over a Penn International for sure.

Edit: I haven’t used a Tiagra either, no help there, but I sure like my Tyrnos :smiley:

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Avnet makes a solid reel. I’d look at the EX 30/2. Also comes in a wide frame if you want more capacity.

Tiagras no doubt

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Just put some up in classifieds

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Avet clickers are quiet so I wouldn’t recommend it for trolling. I’ve never owned a Tiagra. But I’ve owned and used the same 30 and 50 Internationals since 1984. They’ve had a lot of use and been rebuilt and converted to 2 speed by Cal Sheets. I love my International. Although I agree that the clickers wear out with time. I’ve seen Tiagras blow up on big tuna and International fail…The key is getting them tuned up/repaired when they start to act funny. If you get International I’d recommend sending it to Cal Sheets the first time for maintenence and have it “blue printed”. It makes all the difference for live bait fishing. You could also consider buying used Internationals and sending them to Cal for set up when you get it. He has a web site. All he does is work on Penn Internationals I see used Internationals all the time on the web. Buy old beat up cheap Internationals and have Cal make them better than new.