IOP Marina robbery

It seems 3 or 4 push poles were stolen off of boats in the marina last night. Hate a thief. I guess mine that was stolen a few years ago broke finally and they came back for more.
“I have tomorrow open!”

Hate this. I’ll be sure all our employees keep their eyes and ears open, it would not be the first time a thief was dumb enough to try and sell or bring back stolen goods in the store here…they don’t always realize how tight of a fishing community we have here.

Scott Hammond
Haddrells Point West Ashley

If the poles do turn up, and the guys at Haddrell’s use those poles to their full potential, you won’t want them back CaptFritz, at least not without a large amount of Lysol.

Don’t they have video? You’d think so.


Yes they have video, of a shadow. Also showed a Deer walking along the fuel dock at one point that night.
“I have tomorrow open!”