Does anyone see the irony and hypocrisy with Neil Young and now Joni Mitchell pulling their music from Spotify? Weren’t they both 60’s hippies “fighting” against the man and the establishment? Weren’t their songs about oppression, freedom of speech, antiwar, antigovernment, etc.? NOW, they are taking the very position they say they used to revile, that of big and brother censorship. Typical leftist turds, free speech for all unless it is speech I don’t agree with. Loonies or hypocrites, which are they?

Loonies or hypocrites, which are they?


You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

I self boycotted Neil Young a long time ago. His hypocrisy against Southern Men and his prejudice and lack of knowledge about us still ticks me off. I’ll never forget his song over slavery… sang it like it still existed. Just stirring up long dead ghosts. Him and many others will always be smelly hippies. Anytime anything from him comes up on Pandora, it gets a thumbs down. Know he insists Joe Rogan is spreading misinformation. Wonder what Neil considers fake or most likely just doesn’t like the truth when it does not suit him?

You said a mouthful Dfreedom. Hypocrites and as EF calls me, crazier than a @#@# house loon.

Let’s Go Joe Rogan!

I believe Lynyrd Skynyrd said it best many years ago.

A southern man don’t need you around anyhow.
Crank me some Skynyrd at about 150 DB on the scooter for everyone to hear…

I personally always thought Neil Young sucked anyway.

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

Ronnie van zant was a Neil fan

That was never confirmed…

the question is… did he predict his own death?

“Hey, if the Lord wants you to die on this plane when it’s your time, it’s your time. Let’s go, man. We’ve got a gig to do.”


Common sense vs no sense.

From Neil… spoken like a true liberal Or Biden himself…

“Actually, the song is more about a personal thing than it is about a state,” he explained within the liner notes. “And I’m just using that name and that state to hide whatever it is I have to hide; I don’t know what that means.”

Ronnie Van Zant :

“We thought Neil was shooting all the ducks in order to kill one or two. We’re southern rebels, but more than that, we know the difference between right and wrong.”

I’m paraphrasing here but Rush once said if you try and boycott the left you’d never go see another movie at the theater. The hypocrisy is thick here with Neil but never was a Joni fan. Rogan was a Bernie Bro, Neil asked Trump for money to start a music streaming business. So I’ll still listen to music from my past, Neil and Crazy Horse did some great tunes, no better antigummit song than CSNY Ohio, kinda helps take you back when you were young, dumb and full of c’mon man!

Never cared for Neil Young don’t know why. But I’ll take you back.
How about.
Blackberry smoke.
Black oak Arkansas.
Molly hatchet.
Government mule.
Marshall Tucker band.
Allman Brothers.

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

I guess my biggest problem with this kind of crap is the flat out lack of tolerance for anything they don’t like/agree with. Heck, the CDC and the WHO have both make incorrect/inaccurate statements and Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor spewed some totally false crap not more than a week ago. Young has a right to pull his music but, he should be more even handed in his criticism and judging on information he doesn’t like, disagrees with or “thinks” is false. Sadly I know the average American isn’t smart enough to validate what they hear on a podcast but, I am not for protecting one from one’s self. Most people get their scientific information from others on Fakebook when there are any numbers of ways to be better informed. Nope, this is simply, “I don’t like that guy, his message, his guests or his guests messages so I want him shut down”. You gotta love the tolerant left.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

You said it in a nut shell. I had an Physics teacher I hated, but I still believed what he said. Hard to put out fake math and such.

If y’all don’t know Neals issue, he is pissed about Joe’s interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the man that works closely with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, knows Dr. Anthony Fauci personally and is possibly best known for his instrumental work in developing the platform for mRNA-based vaccine technologies more than 30 years ago. Dr. Robert Malone, originally an academic pathologist, has run more than 100 clinical trials mostly in the vaccine and drug repurposing spaces.

This dude is not putting out “fake News”, just stating what the left doesn’t want to hear or let anyone else hear. It’s now a proven fact a mask is only 5% better than not wearing one, but no one pushing masks wants the rest of the World to know this.

Saw Marshall Tucker at a concert opened for Skynrd. Like Zepplin and Who best but like lots of other stuff. Ole Robert Palmer’s Sneekin Sally Thru the Alley is a great one. Here’s my pick for best video

back to OP, this a creating the Streisand effect.