Is it just me or?..

Been on this board for years watching and occasionally posting, but in the past year or so the posts have (seemed to me) dropped to near 1 ever 2 plus to a month apart on the offshore forum… I think I know why, it’s so confusing trying to find the sign in page… has anyone noticed this… I’m like most I read the and view the posts when they appear… which is rare nowdays… hope someone takes notes that the sign in page with the mix of old and new page is causing a lot of us to not post … please make it easier to find the sign in page and I and others might post more… love this but… it’s a turn off trying to find the sign in page

Sorry you are having problems signing in, I’ll be sure to bring that up at our next meeting.

In the meantime try this link to engage the forum section



Thank you for the fast reply !.. I love watching this board , and want it to continue and grow… this will help me and others I’m sure thanks again!

If that’s an ongoing issue you have, you could make that sign on page link that my staff posted above your new bookmark to That way, you’d go there first every time.

We are diligently working on updates to the site. Stay tuned!

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