Is it Offshore if you..

can see land but in 630ft of water? It’s been a long time since I started a thread here, so here goes. Had some fun in Florida just a few miles offshore. Dolphin everywhere. Followed birds the first day and had more hookups on the Pink artificial than the freshly castnetted ballyhoo. On the very first hook up we left one in the water and had probably 20 around the boat. they wouldn’t touch the ballyhoos pitched to them and then something spooked em off… Second day we found some birds on a large grass mat. Limited and left for some “inshore” fishing about 6 miles away. Learned some new methods from the guide that went with us. Find a hump in 30’ tie a bag of chum off the stern make a couple of circles, anchor, and chum with rolled oats. Really. fish started coming to surface (the Blue parrot fish are beautiful and I actually hooked one for a heck of a fight) got our fill of yellowtail snapper using tiny chunks of left over ballyhoo, and after several cut offs finally I got what it was… A Cero Mackerel, new to me, makes excellent sushi.

Way to go Fred… I know how fun that is.


Hadn’t heard from you was wondering if you got to eat by a shark. Looks like a great time & Y’all have plenty of fresh fish.

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The water down there holds an amazing array of fish for sure. We love fishing for yellowtail and learned you cannot chum too much. The only negative is when the chubs show up and won’t leave. Then, you must leave because that is all you’ll catch. We called them democrat fish. We saw dolphin in 60’ of water on several occasions.

Good post!

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I don’t want to see this sight die, I remember 12-14 years ago sitting in Hankel Marine learning how to rig a ballyhoo to “swim” natural while trolling… and so much more info learned as I had an almost unlimited access to offshore fishing, almost being weather and family events.

Otc, I got to see one monster shark on one of the reefs swim under me… gave me a spook, but all good! I think the big barracuda that swam up to me and gave me the stink eye scared me more. I made sure I had no flashy jewelry on.

Dfreedom… no doubt a bunch of cool fish down that way! You just can’t explain the brilliant color of some of the fish. On the chumming we used 8lb floro as a leader with a tiny hook (no weight) and a very small piece of cut ballyhoo. Then threw a handful of oats before every cast, then cast into it as it sank, kept the bail open and as line started to move , shut bail and reeled in. The young man that guided us was raised there and so was his father. Said they used to use corn but found that the fish could not digest it and it was killing them (now illegal)… dog food… chicken food… cat food… etc… then bam rolled oats! He told us he had a spot when him and his Dad were doing it commercially that has produced 1000lb of yellowtail caught on hook and line. Boy can free dive to 70 feet.

He/She went back in the water.

parrot fish

yellow tail

man that looks fun. glad you got out there. congrats on starting a new thread and postin pictures.

DF’s democrat comment is hateful

Maybe Fred gets Superstar status with this post. On the featured page…
Hahaha. Don’t forget us little people.

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

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OTC i been living vicariously through him for years. have you seen his shop and acreage?

Right there with you ,…

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

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Everything about this thread makes me happy.

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Superstar? I aint a pimple on a hogs butt and get too wound up over politics and current affairs. Ate me a few handfuls of blueberries while walking the dogs and then searched some ceviche and sushi recipes for the Cero Mackerel we caught. I need to live for the moment more often. Just had a childhood friend die of a heart attack, his second and only 54. Time is passing too quickly lately, these past 6 days seem all rolled into one now. Going to the mountains next year for the wife.
This was my first ever making sushi… Heck of a lot quicker than frying or grilling. :smiley: Now I have to learn how to cook “sticky” rice.

Question for all you in the know … What other fish does good for straight up sushi? I’ve done some wahoo and dolphin on the boat ceviche style but never straight up raw.

Cero is not close to a king or spanish… and yes that is a styrofoam cup cut in half for the soy. Can’t get rid of the redneck in me.

“DF’s democrat comment is hateful”

The truth is often painful.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

The Yellowtail is probably the best for straight up sushi, as far as what you are/will-be catching that is legal.

I always thought the creo were kind of oily and fishy

Someone told me the little strawberry grouper, or speckled hinds were about the best boat ceviche a man can have,

Sashimi (raw fish) vs. Sushi…

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Y’all as much as I love to fish and as many fish as I’ve caught and cleaned!and cooked!. I’m not much of a fish eater.
Shimmy, sushi whatever the heck you call it . Just can’t do it. Went blue fin fishing with a boy!! 18 year old out of Oregon inlet years ago. We put one on the deck that was about 350. After we got her blood out and prepped. He hacked him a big old piece of cheek meat. With blood running down his chin. With the biggest smile you ever seen. he said in Japan that’s a $10,000 piece of meat. I passed, kind of regret not trying it.
Got the fish off the boat and boat cleaned up. Waiting on somebody to pick up the fish. I told him I’d wait and give him a ride home. No man we’re good I’m going to hang out anyway. I only live two blocks away. You want to go again next Friday night?? me, Oh I’m all in… Cool I’ll call you Wednesday after class…
The sushi thing triggered a forgotten memory. I could tell you many details of the trip. ■■■■■■■■■?? very detailed memories. But I can’t remember the kid’s name. I do remember boat slip number.

Kid got killed riding his bicycle home that night. I’m really glad I got the memory of that day. Can’t believe I had forgotten it…
I’m 58. Things like that make you wonder why you get the privilege to still be here. Life is good. Live it

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

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Bout time for barbawang to show up.

Eating fush out the water incurs risk…same as going out fushing in bad weather in a leaky boat.

“Sushi/Sashimi/Ceviche” RESTAURANT QUALITY is pre-frozen.

Tuna is safe…and some shellfush … not requiring cold worm killing.

Hell, I like black bass out the water but Tuna is safer. Pick your poison…or your degree of risk tolerance.

And Fred, the mack looked good. In the future freeze it first unless you the only one eating it.

I wouldn’t suggest eating Alamaco Jacks raw…or at all…most worms I ever seen consistently in any fush.

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Don’t forget Nigiri… :wink:

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Thank you for all the input. I guess this thing is kind of like miss spelling a word. Y’all knew about sooshi /cevicie and what I was conveying. Life is Good, and I don’t s

Those parrot fish are so delicious. In Myrtle the restaurant “Mr Fish” serves them up as fast as he can go!! A lot like trigger fish.