Is it too late for a king trip?

Hi everyone,

I have a couple days off this week for a change. A friend of mine had a good king trip of the NC coast this weekend. Has the water cooled off to much or is it still worth a try to make a kingfish run out of Charleston?

Duke, if you decide to give it a try this week please post any results. I’ll be in Mt P for the holiday weekend doing some trout fishing while there , but gonna try some kings at Camanche and/or Y73 on Sunday if the reefcast forecast holds up.

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Duke, striperskiff and his crew did a buddy boated trip with tidewaterLefty and myself out to Commanche 5/29. tidewaterLefty & I limited out on kings in 90 minutes and ended up with 18 kings (12 released), 2 AJs and a big cuda. striperskiff landed one king and four little tunnies. The biggest king went 20 lbs.


Foster, since you were reporting for both of us there really was no reason to be so specific about who caught how many kings. Couldn’t you just have said we caught 19 between us? :smiley:

'07 198 DLX Carolina Skiff
FS90 Suzuki


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