Is the new Quantum EXO Reel a good choice?

I fish 99% on the Cooper out of Bushy Park and most of catches of trout and spottails are in the 24 inch range. I checked out this spinning reel at Dick’s as is on sale for $179 and seems extremely well made. I have a small boat and only carry 2 rods. Thought I’d get 2, one with 10lb and 15lb braid. Any experience with this reel? Thanks.

For that money, I’d go with Shimano Stradics. Also, check with Too Busy here. He uses Okuma rods and reels with his kayak fishing guide service- nice stuff.

Yes, I looked at the CI4, very nice reel also. Thanks.

Those, the quantum exo, are actually known as “low profile baitcasting” reels. Sounds like a good deal?! I would recommend going with one of those for topwater/hardbaits and one 2500/3000 spinning outfit for grubs, floats and bottom fishing. just my .02

“hook em and hold on”

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Go to Haddrells and see what they have.


I tried Quantam once… reels didnt hold up at all.

For what it’s worth, I have a few Penn Battles that I really like. Paint seems to scratch easy, but hey, I didn’t buy them to sit in the basement.

Sorry all, I made a mess of the post as the link I placed did not show. Yes, the holders shown have bait casters in them but I want to move to spinning and was considering Quantum’s new EXO.