Is this marina in folly beach still open?

***Sunset Cay Marina

I’ve tried calling for weeks and left messages as I need a wet slip for boat … dates are Sunday 10 sept thru Monday 18 sept… are they just that busy?…

My sources in Charleston tell me its open

Thank you I’ll kept trying then

There are several different phone numbers, one for the restaurant, one for the ships store, and one for docking, slip rentals etc.

Have you tried them all?

Looks like the hurricane is headed north?

Hopefully we can hook up, and get offshore next week!!

I think Michael is still the dockmaster, I have permission to sheepshead fish there but haven’t been in a while. He’s a super nice guy, hopefully you can get find somebody to answer the phone.

I wanna go do that!

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I’ve been trying the number on website
(843) 588-0051 , no luck… guess I’ll just ride by and check in person saterday, website seems a little dated, probably are of the rates too as $300 aweek is a still after paying for a week at iop Marina

Try 588-2091

let’s go! one boat trailer is broken and the other motor has a leaky thermostat housing… so i’m boatless right now. best time is late oct/early nov, but should get good once it cools off a bit soon.

the models still hold Lee offshore, but there’s likely a stall coming outside the NHC’s 120hr window that the longer predictions are starting to agree less on.

and this is just flat scary, thankful that no land masses are in its way… yet

I like this quote:

“Many of the models are calling for remarkable rates of intensification, beyond rates normally seen with model forecasts. Both HAFS models forecast Lee to exceed 150 kt within the next 2 days, and even HCCA brings the hurricane above the category 5 threshold.”

Basically this might grow faster in the next 36hrs than any model predicts.

I tried that number too over the last few weeks, I’m just gonna wing it and probably just put boat in at a landing due to possible rough seas?, who knows at this point if worse comes to worse I can still fish inland at least, there’s always gonna be another sunrise, if I have to wait I’ve got time, semi retired and 5 free days a week (wensday-Sunday) … and only a short drive back from home