Islamorada for Honeymoon

dont ask me how- I cant explain it. She agreed to a honeymoon in the keys- fishing. I somehow convinced her we needed to rent a houseboat and kick back for a little calm relaxing fishing. HAHA! she busted me when she watched “Chasing Silver” No honey, its not calm. she’s into it though so I couldnt be happier. Now, I taught her to throw a 3 weight and it almost destroyed us, anyone know any guides in Islamora that are extremely patient @ teaching beginners? I’ll prob. stay off that boat:smiley:. well thanks for any advice,

You might want to look at Sammy Milazzo of Sitting Pretty Charters. I know him pretty well and he is a very expierenced capt that isn’t going to get upset if a fish is lost. Just last year he placed top 5 in some of the lagest tournies down there. I thik he was second at World Sail Fish Championship. His web site is

thanks!! gotta start somewhere, there are hundreds down there

Capt. Bill Wert

16 mitzi 40 Merc
240 0utrage 250 verado

Scotty, Capt. Jeff Phister is a good friend of mine. He runs Dockside Charters. He is a laid back guy and would work with you on whatever you would like. His website is Phone #305-393-0369. Not sure what time of year the wedding is, but most of your good guides book up early.

its @ the end of June. we’re gonna wait out the 4th of July crowd and head down the 5th. thanks for the info!!

ya’ll sould save a little scratch and stay at Bud n’ Mary’s. Rent the penthouse for the week. It’s great accomidations:wink:


Don’t forget a meal or three at the Keys Fisheries right there on the Gulf side - get ya a lobsta rubin and a colbeer!