Islamorada recommendations

We are taking a family trip to Islamorada this summer. Staying at the Cheeca Lodge. My kids at 5 and 10yr old. Wanted to see if anyone had recommendations for a guided fishing trip? Or any other kid friendly activities/adventures.


I have a buddy that works with quite a few Florida guides and can see if he has someone down that way he would recommend. I do know a guy named Harlen Trammell (American Allegiance Charters) who can catch a fish in a parking lot. He may be a bit south of you but is worth checking out.

There aren’t really many “beaches” but there is Founder’s Park on Islamorada, Sombrero Beach, Anne’s Beach and Bahia Honda State park. Also, Robbie’s Marina is neat and the kids can feed Tarpon right off the docks.

Phone: 305-394-7400

In 2015 I used that guide as a recommendation from raddaddy or rapchizzle from here…

All I can say is do not waste your time with this guy. I will leave it at that. I dont wish to bad mouth the guy but he obviously did not want to help us catch fish.

we are also contemplating that trip but probably next summer. I would want to rent a boat and snorkle etc… friends o mine actually trailer their boats there and spend a week at a vrbo and hang out at sandbars and snorkle etc… sounds like fun but no way i’m trailering 14 hours.

VERY surprised to hear that. He is a guide for the Boy Scout camp down there and is highly regarded.

We have trailered down to the Keys many times. Yeah, it is a long drag but, so nice to have your own boat sitting in front of your house so you can come and go as you please. We usually leave early (3 am) and get there mid-afternoon. The Florida turnpike is the way to go.

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last year august we went down for a bachelor trip and my brother booked us Miller Time Fishing. Rates seemed fine, boat was in great shape, caught lots of mahi/tuna