It's Football Time In Tennessee

Reel Time…Go Big Orange

You have no idea…as per usual

Man, as hard as I try, I just can’t stand orange. Whether it is the punkin orange of UT or the ugly orange of the Taters, I just can’t like it. Traffic cones, traffic vests and orange juice I get. Anything else, meh.

But, you seem like a good guy so I hope your Vols have a good season, except when they play the Gamecocks.

I probably wouldnt like the teams that beat me like a redheaded stepchild on the regular either, so at least we can agree on that.

Cheating seems to facilitate these “wins”…

i might be able to get the wife up to W-B for the Vols visit in Nov… lotta orange stuff going on then for the garnet(-headed stepchildren?)

FWIW, if bastards get you down then you definitely done already lost IMHO

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i like that rowboat art, i need to see some more local eats on the other thread too.

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OK, where were we???

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Big game weekends start on Thursday, thats a pro tip

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Nobody likes drinking alone, so theres that

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Keep em coming!