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It’s been awhile since I’ve made a inshore post and that’s because I haven’t been doing any over the summer because it’s my least favorite time of year to inshore fish. Well the changes have become and we are on prefall/transition patterns which can be phenomenal fishing. It’s the time of year where fishing gets easy. This is just a few things I’m sharing from my experiences that might help you like it helped me. Please add any tips you think should get mentioned.
Right now the fish are literally everywhere and everything is biting from the beaches to the back creek. This is the time of year when we have the largest variety of species around and you can kind of fish how ever where ever and find some success. The most success come to those with a target and a plan and a target and a plan and a target and a plan. Seems repetitive but I always have a plan B and C. Did I say tarpon fishing? I meant shark fishing. Did I say fishing I meant crabbing. Crabbing? No, we’re go oystering. Duck the tides to high. Well we tried. Lol. But seriously it all can be fun and having a couple spots and options can salvage a day.

While it’s so early in the cooler season the main water ways are still warm and the shallows can get really cold over night. The bait left in the shallows in the overnight cool are lethargic and the fish wait in the warmer water and go in with the tide to feed like crazy on the semi stunned bait. The flounder will stay in the cooler water, but most the other fish retreat to bigger water and come back with the tide or when it warms up when the sun starts shinning. Mid morning low tides are good for flats action from like 10 -2. Falling tide in the early am makes for good am creek mouth fishing at the lower stages of the outgoing. Make a few cast and pass if no bites and keep working them till you find them. It’s not a fluke if you catch a flounder there is usually more around. Most the creeks that look like run off from flats or just bait

Good read. This is definitely my favorite time of year.

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Awesome info. Thanks.

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X2 on pretty much everything you said. Great write up man, thanks for taking the time! Yesterday, we put over 70 fish in the boat… from 15in to right at 30inches! Caught fish all day with live, cut, and artificials! :+1:

It is time…

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