It's trying to eat my bobber! 10/22

Had a rough go of it lately the cancer came back and had to go through some tough surgery so a buddy helped drag me out for a line tug. We netted a few dozen big monster harbor shrimp and had a bucket of mud minnows and all the plastics we had confidence in.

We were fishing some structure and I was switching back and forth between a popping cork with some monster shrimp and a trout eye with a gulp shrimp. I threw the cork and worked it back towards the boat. I worked it about half way back and then decided to reel it in and cast again and out of no where this 26’ red exploded on the cork like it was hitting top water. I stopped and jerked the cork again and he hammered my cork. It had no care about the big shrimp so I jerked the cork away from it and then it hammered the shrimp and the fight was on. Nothing like a good fired up red on a medium action rod!

Ended the day with couple flounder, 20+ trout, few bluefish, stingray some toads and some BSB.

Thanks to good friends that keep me out moving and loving life. Rest is key but so is happiness. Delicate balance is needed right now as I start my new battle!

Fish are hungry take advantage of this time of year. Bring all the bait you can and figure out what they want. The fish are fired up!

Fished 2’ to 12’
Water temp was 70
Wind was WINDY!
Overcast and rainy

Last part of outgoing and first half of incoming yesterday evening.

Tight lines!

Nice report. Appears you worked that red until he took the bait. Hang in there and continue what your doing and everything would work out right. Sounds like you had a great day on the water.

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Hey, maybe we should start putting hooks on corks???

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Very cool story and excellent report!
I had something similar occur several years back… We were bottom fishing back in Grove Creek and had a MM under a cork just chilling out of the back of the boat 15ft or so when all of a sudden something engulfed the popping cork with a huge splash. My buddy who was closest to the rod grabbed it and tried to slowly reel it in but felt only a slight tug then the bobber floated up… we still laugh about that story from time to time and have no idea what it could have been!

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