James Island Fishermen!

Hey guys, In need of a little help.

I just finished bringing a late 80’s carolina skiff back to life. It’s a great little boat; 7.5’ beam on a 16’ boat that drafts next to nothing. Re-powered her with a new Suzy 30 tiller. Love it.

I’m relatively new to the area and saltwater fishing. I’ve found a few productive spots but I barely know what to look for; especially when exploring new areas. I’m a competent fisherman, just a little lost when it comes to saltwater. Looking for some guys on the island who know the landscape to come out with me. Bonus if you’ve got little kids as my wife and I just had our first…being new to the area we’re looking to meet other new parents.

No gas fees, just your knowledge. If you have no knowledge, don’t waste my time just to get a free boat ride…I’ll leave you stranded on an oyster bed. :smiley:

PM with number.

Welcome to the area Wallski. I live on James Island and I love it here. Charleston county provides us with top notch boat landings and we have 3 on the island and 1 just across the bridge on folly river. You are gonna have great fun in that boat.
I am sure you will get some crew to show you the ropes out there. I just wanted to say hello and welcome. By the way, show us pics of your fishing boat and of course the new baby!!!

Dorado II
Carolina Skiff 25DLV

Here ya go. Although my wife and I were born and raised in the Minnesota tundra, this little guy is pure Southern.


Your little guy looks like he will be ready to tie off dock lines any time now. Really like the boat, very roomy and that poling platform sets it off nice!

Dorado II
Carolina Skiff 25DLV

I know mostly the Wando and a little of the Copahee and Southern Bulls Bay area. However, I want to say that I absolutely love that Suzuki motor. Uses almost no gas. It pushes my Alumacraft 1648MV 31mph by myself and around 29 with my buddy. I had a 25hp Yamaha that I sold and wouldn’t go back after using this motor.

I’ve been VERY impressed. Just finished the break-in period so haven’t put her at WOT yet but can hit low/mid 20’s at 3/4 throttle with about 400lbs of me + dogs.

6 hours of cruising / fishing = about 2 gallons of fuel! :sunglasses:


The most gas I’ve used is 3.5 gallons and that was a full (12hr) day of running up and down the Wando fishing docks. The only addition to your boat I’d highly recommend is a trolling motor… that makes life so much easier. But if you have a push pole that’ll work well! Plus when you’re in really shallow water it reduces the fear of beating up the new motor. I already broke mine in and did the oil change a couple of months ago. Really easy. Make sure you get the right oil filter, it took a while for them to get it in. If you ever want to meet I’m game. The bite is really good right now, only going to get better! I’ve been average 2-3 on top water during low/mid tide around the sunrise, reds on topwater are a blast!

I did actually wire a switched plug for a trolling motor or gigging lights. Sort of wanted to give it a year or so to see what I’d find most useful.

Thanks for the tip on the filter. I’m about 8 hours away from my 20hr service.

I’ve been wanting to get up and check out Bulls. My brother and I are doing a fish / camp weekend on Capers in about a month and a half so I need to get a little exploring in before then. I’ll check in before to see if you’ve got some time to come out.


What part of Minnesota? I’ve got family in milaca

Passed through there plenty of times going up to Mille Lacs.

We lived in St. Paul.